For any official trips (visit to companies, institutes, seminars, etc.), please follow the below procedure:

  1. Complete the Official Travel Request on EDH and make sure to indicate the correct budget code (ask your supervisor if needed). Should you have specific requests, please indicate them in one of the comments-fields.
  2. At the same time, please file a Leave Request for "Official Travel" and make sure to mention the destination in the comments-field.
  3. As soon as the request has been electronically signed by your supervisor and the Group Leader, one or several options concerning the travel schedule will be proposed by the group secretariat. Any particular requests can be discussed at that time, however, flexibility varies depending on the specific case. Please, note that you can not book yourself the transport. 
  4. After agreeing on a travel schedule, the tickets are booked by the secretariat. 
  5. Back to CERN after your trip, you will receive a reminder from EDH asking you to sign the reimbursement form and enclose to the Travel Request any invoices or tickets that might be refunded in addition to the subsistence.