Use of CERN vehicles

In order to use vehicles provided by CERN, a so-called "V-Authorisation" needs to be issued. This request is usually done by the group secretary, who will need a scan of your driving license.
IMPORTANT: Please note that the use of the mentioned vehicles (both MPE car pool and car sharing as well as rental cars) is for professional reasons only! The maximum rental duration for MPE cars is 4 hours
1. CERN cars - MPE car pool
More than 10 cars are at the group's disposal. When applying for the V-Authorisation at your group secretariat, simply ask for access to the MPE car pool. The keys can be obtained at the TRAKA key box beside the entrance of b30 on the 2nd floor. Please follow the instructions on the box and make sure to indicate the position of the car (map beside box) when returning the vehicle.
Please don't forget to ask your group secretary for a so-called MISSION ORDER when leaving the CERN perimeter (see page 11).
2. Car Sharing
The CERN car-sharing scheme provides CERN vehicles on a self-service basis. A pool of 35 vehicles running on natural gas or petrol/diesel are available for pickup from 15 locations around the Meyrin and Prévessin sites and the point 2. 
3. Rental Cars
For official trips up to a few hundred kilometers, rental cars through our partner company can be arranged by the group secretariat. Please follow the procedure for official travel.

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