TE Administration - Contacts

TE-MPE Management

Group Leader: Dr. Andrzej Siemko
Deputy Group Leader: Dr. Markus Zerlauth
Technical Coordinator: 



TE-MPE Group Secretary

Office 30/5-013, #76635 or 169225
Contact for: Arrival and Departure Formalities, Official TravelAbsence Management (Vacation, Sickness, Special Leave, etc.), Key Requests, EDMS/CDS Publications, Car Administration, Organisation of Meetings/Workshops, Meeting Rooms, Material Requests (Stationary, Phone, Mobile Phone, Biocell, Helmets, etc.)
Replacement during absence: Carnita Hervet



Further contacts within the TE Department

Georgina Hobgen, DAO (Departmental Administrative Officer) & DTO (Departmental Training Officer)
Office 30/6-003, #74205
Mariane Catallon, Deputy DAO
Office 30/6-002, #62201
Contact for: Trainee and Student Contracts, Arrival and Departure Trip Reimbursements, External Visitors Registration, Changes in Family Situation, Committees, Stagiaires
Office 30/6-001, #78257
Contact for: Keys for Conference Rooms in B30, Phonebook Updates

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