For the correct protection of the LHC and its accelerator complex, several parts of the machine protection systems (MPS) require information about the machine’s operational parameters. Values such as beam intensities, machine energies, squeezing factors, amongst several others, must be broadcast around the accelerator complex to correctly configure the MPS, and sent to the extraction interlock systems to ensure the correct interlocking of beam transfer between the Super-Proton Synchrotron (SPS) and the LHC. These parameters are referred to as Safe Machine Parameters (SMP), as they must be generated and distributed around the accelerator complex with high dependability (safety, availability and reliability). The SMP was developed to derive these parameters, taking information from several source systems and providing it to client systems such as the experiements, injection elements and other machine protection elements. The MS section provides software support for front-end level access as well as the supervisory SCADA systems.

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