Operating a complex machine like the LHC requires handling failure modes in a safe and dependable way. To satisfy the need for machine protection and prevent the resulting damage an energetic beam can cause to the accelerators, the Beam Interlock System was defined as an interface between equipment systems and systems responsible to protect the machine during beam operation. To operate and monitor the BIS, a set of supervision and controls software has been provided since the deployment of this protection system in the SPS, the transfer lines towards LHC and the LHC itself.

Further deployment of the BIS in the LHC injectors for the new LINAC4 and the PSB accelerator re- defined the need for a more generic monitoring solution of the BIS due to the fast machine cycles and multiple beam destinations, which has been the focus of recent developments. In addition, the BIS SCADA system has been used as a first use-case of an implementation using JavaFX, which is the new standard to be used in CERNs control environment.




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