Accelerators Testing Framework

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN requires many systems to work closely together to allow reliable operation and at the same time ensure the correct functioning of the protection systems required when operating with large energies stored in magnet systems and particle beams. The systems for magnet powering and beam operation are qualified during dedicated commissioning periods and retested after corrective or regular maintenance. Based on the experience acquired with the initial commissioning campaigns of the LHC magnet powering system, a framework was developed to orchestrate the thousands of tests for electrical circuits and other systems of the LHC. The framework was carefully designed to be extendable. 

The number of tests executed at CERN to ensure the proper functionality of the superconducting circuits in the LHC is increasing year by year. During a typical commissioning campaign about 7000 individual tests were performed with the help of the AccTesting framework which is the central tool to manage this important process. Even if the initial goal of this framework was to take care of the LHC hardware commissioning, it was designed from the beginning to be able to execute and track tests for any kind of accelerator system.




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