Machine Protection Software

The Machine Protection Software section (MS) is responsible for a wide range of software components and frameworks which are related to the equipment protection of the Large Hadron collider and its injector complex. The deliverables range from the front-end device access level to high-level graphical user interfaces and are used on a daily basis by equipment experts and the machine operation crews. The current responsibilities of the team include amongst others:

  • The LHC and SPS Post Mortem Systems for highly reliable transient data recording and the subsequent analysis of relevant events in the accelerator complex.
  • The Accelerator Testing Framework (AccTesting) for scheduling, execution, tracking and automated analysis of many 1000s of commissioning tests each year to guarantee safe operation of the machines.
  • The provision of configuration management as well as operational tools for the LHC magnet powering and quench detection system.
  • The development and support of the power converter interlock system, responsible for the continuous surveillance of orbit correctors as well as tune quadrupoles to guarantee a reliable orbit and tune during the operational cycle.
  • Low-level device access components and graphical supervisory systems for mission critical protection systems such as the Beam Interlock System (BIS), the Safe Machine Parameter System (SMP) and the Fast Magnet current Change Monitors (FMCM).
  • The coordination and steering of the software development in the MPE group.

The MS section is a dynamic team of software engineers with a broad skillset (Java, C++, Object Oriented design, Spring, Reactive Streams, JavaFX, LabView, …), which practices Scrum, an Agile method used by many groups in major IT companies. We work closely with equipment experts, the operation crews and CERN’s controls and IT groups and use modern build and code quality tools (Bamboo, CBNG, Sonar…) to assure our products are of the highest quality.

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