Electrical Engineering

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The Electrical Engineering section (EE) is responsible for the R&D, design, production, operation and maintenance of state-of-the-art technology for superconducting magnet circuit protection and the electrical quality assurance of the Large Hadron Collider. The current responsibilities of the team include amongst others:

  • Support to LHC operation by maintaining and operating the superconducting magnet circuit protection systems.
  • Maintaining state‐of‐the art technology for magnet circuit protection, such as energy extraction systems, quench heater discharge supplies and coupling-loss-induced quench units for the present and future accelerators at CERN. This includes as well the High-Luminosity LHC upgrade, magnet test facilities and several CERN hosted experiments.
  • The responsibility for the electrical integrity of magnet circuits and for the electrical quality assurance program (ELQA) which is recurrently applied during magnet circuit upgrades, hardware commissioning periods as well as for electrical diagnostics and interventions during LHC operation.
  • The responsibility for the functional operation of Distribution Feedboxes (DFBs) used for the transition of DC circuit powering into the superconducting environment, superconducting links (DSLs) and their auxiliary equipment in the LHC.
  • The responsibility for the hardware commissioning of the sections equipment during LHC re-commissioning periods as well as after long shutdowns and year-end technical stops.
  • The responsibility to guarantee continued expertise and the know-how of state-of-the-art technology for the design, construction and operation of failsafe and reliable energy extraction systems and power electronics related to the protection of superconducting magnets.

The team consists of highly qualified technicians and engineers in the domains of electrical, electro-mechanical and power electronics engineering to assure the follow-up of ongoing projects as well as the daily exploitation of the equipment installed in the LHC accelerator and magnet test facilities. The technologies applied by the section include power semiconductors and electro-mechanical switches for medium and high power applications, as well as the use of a variety of controls, measurement techniques and data acquisition systems.

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