Health Insurance - CHIS/UNIQA

As an international organisation CERN has its own mutual health insurance; the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS). The CHIS provides compulsory and voluntary health insurance for active, retired and former members of the CERN personnel and for their families. The benefits, conditions, procedures and the contribution levels are defined in the Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme. The CHIS Information Notes provide further explanation to certain benefits or procedures. The CHIS is administrated by UNIQA, whom you may contact for further information and advice or with queries concerning membership, your coverage or the calculation of your reimbursements.

--> Further information:

--> Reimbursement form for medical expenses:

IMPORTANT: In order to claim the reimbursement of your medical expenses, fill in the reimbursement form and make sure to attach the original invoices and receipts. UNIQA does not accept copies. Please use the blue envelopes available at the group secretariat for sending your claim. Those envelopes can be put in the "outbox" at the end of each corridor (no stamps required).

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